Here’s some great news. The governor of Virginia signed a bill demanding that mothers take a gander at the little human they’re intending to kill.

The Washington Post reports:

Abdominal ultrasounds for women seeking abortions in Virginia will become mandatory on July 1 under a law signed Wednesday by Gov. Bob McDonnell, who faced a political uproar before lawmakers deleted language that would have made the exams medically invasive.

The conservative Republican governor’s signature means abortion providers statewide will have to comply. It also requires patients who live within 100 miles of the clinic where the abortion is performed to wait 24 hours after the ultrasound.

The bill not only sparked protests the past three weeks by angry women’s rights groups and others that led to 30 arrests at the Capitol Saturday, it subjected Virginia to scorn by columnists and political talk shows and ridicule from television comedians earlier when language was still in the bill that would have required women wanting abortions to submit to vaginal ultrasounds.

Predictably, pro-abort women were outraged because nothing says feminism like legislating that women be kept in the dark.

Remember, pro-aborts are all about choice, not informed choice.

Think about how meek this law actually is. It’s not saying you can’t kill your unborn child. It’s just saying you have to look at your victim before you kill them. That’s all. But somehow this is played as a war on women, a vicious assault on women.