Wasn’t feminism supposed to be about empowering women. It was supposed to move women away from being helpless and dependent on men. But now, all these women like Sandra Fluke and others, are cackling that they can’t afford their birth control pills. Boo hoo. Incidentally, it costs $9 a month at Wal-Mart. And they can’t afford it? Bet you they can afford their soy lattes decaf though.

But all these women are running in front of cameras to scream about how helpless they are. It’s kinda’ sad. And who are they running to in order to get them to pay for it because they’re too helpless themselves? The ALL MALE HIERARCHY of the Catholic Church. Come on. This stuff is screaming Daddy issues.

Note to feminism: You wanted to be like men? Caffeinate your soy latte and man up.