Thomas Peters does a great job of digging into the truth about the lesbo-fascist denied communion at her mother’s funeral.

Turns out, she is not even a Catholic.

As reported by Newsbusters

In a paper for a master’s degree she’s pursuing at Kutztown State University, Johnson wrote of interviewing with a principal at a Catholic school in Maryland in which “we talked openly about my being a lesbian and a Buddhist.” (She also declared she took the job “with all the zeal and enthusiasm of any natural born agitator who every now and again enjoys challenging the status quo.” This status quo she also called the “socially constructed heteronormative culture” and an “insidious heterosexist paradigm.”)

Nasty piece of work, this anti-Catholic lesbo-fascist. She used her own mother’s funeral to pick a fight. Stick that up your heterosexist paradigm.