Christians must be forced to print gay shirts. And I’m not talking about “Glee” shirts. I mean that Christians may be forced to print shirts for gay rights organizations.

A t-shirt company may be busted for an increasingly occuring charge of being Christian in public. Weasel Zippers reports:

A Lexington, KY t-shirt company is under investigation by the city’s Human Rights Commission after they refused to print t-shirts for a local gay rights organization.

The owner of “Hands On Originals,” a well-known t-shirt company in the region, declined to print the shirts for the city’s Gay and Lesbian Services Organization (GLSO) because it would conflict with their Christian convictions.

The privately owned company is now accused of violating Lexington’s Fairness Act – which protects people and organizations from discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

Opponents of Christians in cases like these would say that this kind of incident is akin to refusing to serve black people at a diner or something.

But one – gay ain’t the new black. It just ain’t.

And two – this company isn’t saying that they won’t serve homosexuals, they’re saying they don’t want to be forced to print shirts for an organization with an agenda that they believe is harmful to the country. I’m betting that this is a picked fight. There’s no hardship here for the gay rights group. You can go online and find a million t-shirt companies. And I’m betting there’s a few of these in the Lexington area as well.

And three – if you follow the logic, then a black dude could be forced to print up t-shirts for the next Klan rally.

Would anyone agree with that?