The editors of Commonweal want you to know that they’re all for religious liberty but (and this is a big “but”) they believe the bishops are behaving in too partisan a manner and are actually hurting the struggle for religious liberty.

The editors today scolded the bishops for what they term “the partisan” nature of the bishops’ statement, Our First, Most Cherished Liberty, which calls on Catholics to engage in the struggle for religious liberty.

Oddly, while chastising the bishops, the editors can’t bring themselves to admit that religious liberty is actually under attack from the Obama administration. They refer to the threat as “what the bishops characterize as unprecedented threats to religious freedom” or “the supposed efforts of government to curtail the free exercise of religion.”

Supposed? What’s “supposed” about forcing Catholic institutions to provide abortifacients that kill little humans – you know, the ones that some characterize as babies?

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