If reports are to be believed, the SSPX has signed the doctrinal preamble likely paving the way for the regularization of the traditionalist society. I am on record that I believe this ultimately to be a very good thing for the Church and I am personally very excited about. It will likely be some time more, days, weeks, who knows until we know the contents of the text that was reportedly signed and the status of the Society.

I think this is a good thing. Others think this is a very very good thing.

I have seen comments saying that the war against, well they don’t actually say against whom, but the war against the presumably doctrinally and liturgically challenged has been won with this one stroke of the pen (Oh and the whole Resurrection thing too.) Puppets masses are a thing of the past, there will be mass converts to Latin masses, priests will be turning back to the Lord and away from the happy clappers in the pews, Gregorian chant will be sung on the streets, the sales of ankle length skirts will skyrocket, and the heretics will soon be banished.

Can you say irrational exuberance?

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