The AP reports on a story that is just sickening. But this really taps into thinking that is prevalent today.

Just read the lede:

A Texas woman accused of kidnapping a newborn boy after fatally shooting his mother said she is not “some sort of monster” and people should not judge her until they know the facts.

Verna McClain, 30, has been charged with shooting Kala Golden-Schuchardt, 28, in the parking lot of a pediatric clinic in the Houston suburb of Spring and snatching her 3-day-old son on April 17. The baby was later found safe.

You see, to this woman, you’re not allowed to judge her. She’s a good person who maybe did some things that people might not approve of but she’s still a good person. One of the things that happened when we, as a culture, drop kicked “evil” out of our culture lexicon is that we also made “good” relative. Everyone is good because no other options exists.

Wait. There is one evil and that’s those people who insist that there’s evil. I know that makes sense but it’s what they believe. It’s like thinking about time travel. The more you think about it, the less it makes sense.