Ick. There’s a taxpayer-funded pilot program in California for training non-doctors to perform first-trimester vacuum aspiration surgical abortions.

What? What could possibly be dangerous about that? They get two days of instructions on how to rip babies apart.

The Life Legal Defense Foundation requested to know who was involved in the project and a judge is essentially telling them to mind their own business and that nobody can know the names of people involved.

Chelsea Schilling reports on this madness. She writes:
In his May 17 decision, Judge Evelio Grillo denied the Life Legal Defense Foundation’s petition for a writ of mandate to require release of the names of physicians, clinicians and stakeholders who participated in the pilot project conducted by the University of California San Francisco/Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health.

“[T]he court finds that the public interest in withholding the names of the Clinicians outweighs the public interest in disclosing those names,” the decision states. “First, there is a public interest in protecting persons who provide abortion services from harassment. … Second, the public has an interest in academic research, and that interest may be compromised if research participants cannot participate with the assurance that their privacy will be protected.”

It seems that all of this is tied to some legislation that Planned Parenthood is pushing. What a shock, I know. Planned Parenthood would love to save money and have janitors killing babies because they’re cheaper than doctors.

It seems that this program was supposed to form the basis of testimony to pass the bill that would allow non-doctors to perform abortions. And remember these are the people who care sooooo much about women.