The Archdiocese is new to protesting and civil disobedience and all that so I understand there’s going to be some…hiccups along the way.

This seems to be a hiccup. The archdiocese put out this announcement recently about a rally:

A “Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally” will be held on Friday, June 8th at Noon. On June 8, tens of thousands of faithful citizens will gather in prayer and public witness in cities and towns all across the United States to oppose the HHS Mandate and stand up in defense of religious freedom. The Philadelphia rally will take place at Independence Hall/ Liberty Bell People’s Plaza at 520 Market Street.

I attended the last rally in Philadelphia. I think I even covered it for The National Catholic Register if I remember correctly.

But I took my kids out of school early to head down to Philadelphia because I think it’s important that they be there as well. But on Friday I learned that my kids’ Catholic school has finals scheduled for that day. While I don’t expect the diocesan schools to bus kids down into the city for the rally, I’d at least expect them not to schedule finals during the rally.

This makes it difficult to bust the kids out of school to attend the rally and it’s going to make it difficult for me to get there as I’m probably about 45 minutes to an hour from Philadelphia (without traffic.) That makes it a bit tight for me to attend the rally and get back in time to pick the kids up at 2:30.

You’d think Catholic schools would be on board with the archdiocese with this kind of thing, don’t you? I think I’ll have to call the school and see if I can arrange something.

I’m thinking the archdiocese should attend some kind of hippie seminar on how to protest effectively.