When two or more gather in His name, God has promised to be present. But when two or more gather in His name, the media will be sure to ignore them. I went down to the Religious Freedom Rally in Philadelphia on Friday with a thousand or so of my closest bff’s. We prayed, we sang, we held up signs. We absolutely rocked the whole protest thing and then we cleaned up after ourselves as we left.

We rocked.

And then we were all ignored.

According to Newsbusters::

Big Three Ignore Religious Freedom Rallies; CBS Played Up Dissenting Catholics’ Protests

ABC, CBS, and NBC stayed true to their liberal slant and ignored the 164 rallies across the United States on Friday against the federal government’s abortifacient/birth control mandate under ObamaCare. Religious leaders and conservative politicians, like former GOP presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann, addressed the tens of thousands of pro-religious freedom activists who attended the rallies. But the Big Three apparently didn’t think this was worthy of coverage on their morning and evening newscasts.

Now, the whole thing about the March for Life is they say they ignore it because it happens every year and they’re not going to cover the same march every year.

That’s ridiculous and untrue. But let’s for a moment pretend that’s true. Then, why didn’t they cover the religious freedom rallies?

We all know why. It’s not a mystery. But we must continue doing it anyway. We cannot know the full consequences of what we do, so let’s continue just to do our best and let God deal with the consequences.