Congressman Darrell Issa wants the documents related to Fast and Furious, the ingenious plan to put guns in the hands of the Mexican cartel (why again?) which led to the death of an American border agent as well as many Mexicans.

Eric Holder is telling Issa “Uhm, how about I just tell you what’s in the documents.” I’m serious. That’s what he’s saying. I think he’s forgetting that he’s one of the ones being investigated. But of course he hasn’t forgotten that at all. Obviously there’s something super incriminating on these.

Issa now says Holder must deliver the docs by opening time tomorrow or else Holder will be held in contempt.

This is nothing short of a showdown. It’s big news.

If this were about right and wrong, this’d be easy. But this isn’t about right and wrong because it’s taking place in Washington D.C.

Here’s the politics. Obama doesn’t think the GOP is willing to go to the mattresses with this thing.

Hot Air reports:

Remember, Boehner’s reportedly not thrilled with the idea of F&F hearings sucking up lots of political oxygen during the campaign. That’s what Holder’s counting on, I assume — that Issa will either find some excuse at the last minute to avert the contempt vote at the committee level or that, if the committee does vote, Boehner will somehow bury the contempt recommendation before it comes before the full House for a vote. (Follow the last link and you’ll see that even if the House votes to hold Holder in contempt, there’s always a chance that they’ll reach a deal on the documents with the DOJ before the inevitable court battle occurs.)

I don’t see the downside of this to be honest. But I’m betting that what will happen is Holder will deliver the documents but with just about every page completely blacked out…you know…for security reasons.

If this does go forward, at least the media will have to stop pretending it’s not actually happening.

Let’s all keep an eye on what happens here.