Planned Parenthood doesn’t just care about killing babies. They also want to make sure your vote is diluted by fraud.

It’s kinda’ cute. Democrats have long been simply an arm of Planned Parenthood and now Planned Parenthood is acting like an arm of the party. Before you get all teared up about this match made in…uhm you know where, it’s actually all about the fact that they heart killing babies. Hey, with these guys it always is.

Planned Parenthood knows that if Mitt Romney wins the presidency and Republicans win Congress their funding will be in jeopardy. And then they won’t be able to kill as many babies with your money as they have been.

So Planned Parenthood’s support of voter fraud isn’t because of any love of voter fraud, it’s all about turning humans into biodegradable waste and charging mad cash for it.
Life News reports:

Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota affiliate of the abortion business is targeting an amendment to ensure voter fraud doesn’t take place at the polls.

Minnesota Public Radio has more on this decision, and says the abortion giant has created a political action fund to oppose the Minnesota voter ID amendment, which would require voters to show photo identification at the polls. Its public affairs director Timothy Stanley told MPR that ballot initiatives are important to the people Planned Parenthood works with.

Planned Parenthood’s board of directors has passed resolutions opposing the amendment, he said, but, “rather than raising money to oppose the amendment or fund Our Vote Our Future, the main organization working to defeat the voter ID amendment, Planned Parenthood plans to use its own staff and resources to campaign specifically on those two amendments.”

MPR indicates: “Stanley said that Planned Parenthood will be phoning, mailing and using social media to “make sure that people who support Planned Parenthood know that we are standing alongside the communities that are affected by these two amendments and we are calling on our supporters to vote no on these amendments.” It notes the amendment is expected to be approved at the polls