I have seen several comments in the last 12 hours that President Obama was so “off his game” last night that he even failed to bring up Romney’s 47% remark.

I think this commentary might be wrong.

I think that the failure to bring up that line of attack was part of the Obama game plan. I think that the campaign told him to stay away from it in this format. Here is why.

In all the ads the Obama campaign uses, they fail to give the context. I think they are very afraid to bring it up in this type of forum because of the fact. The fact is 49% of the population pays no federal income tax. When federal taxpayers hear this, they rightly get pissed.

In the ads they can avoid this by only clipping the victims part. In a debate, they would have no such ability. The Obama campaign knows that this does not sit well with voters, so don’t bring it up. This way they can continue to use it in ads without being challenged.

And they know, they know that Romney was prepared for it. They knew Romney had a prepped response to the 47% remark that would have highlighted what they do not want highlighted. If Romney effectively shot it down in the debate, its ad effectiveness would be curtailed.

So that is my theory, they avoided the topic on purpose because the truth does them no good at all.

*subhead*Obama purposely avoided it.*subhead*