There are a few issues on the ballot in Florida that could have an effect on the way things turn out in this November’s election.

Florida voters are facing two proposed constitutional amendments — one on abortion, the other on the separation of church and state — that could have far-reaching repercussions.

Drafted by the Florida Legislature, along with nine other proposed amendments that will appear on the ballot in November, the first measure would restrict abortions and the second would allow public money to flow to religious institutions — an effort, opponents say, to revive school vouchers. The initiatives would require the approval of 60 percent of voters to take effect.

Both issues have galvanized supporters and opponents, including the Roman Catholic Church, reproductive rights groups, religious conservatives and the state teachers’ union, all of which are plunging money and volunteers into an effort to reach weary, long-badgered voters in this swing state

I’m trying to imagine a voter who would stay home for the presidential election but come out to vote for these ballot issues. I guess it’s possible. Pretty small population I’d bet.

n second thought, I guess I could see some pro-lifers a little squeamish about Romney coming out to vote on restricting abortion. But you’ve got to know that even if you vote for these things and Obama wins he’ll find a way to counter it
Let’s face it, if Obama wins he’ll, I’m sure, figure out a way to prohibit any restrictions on abortion. And as far as public money flowing to religious institutions, well there’s no way he’ll allow that.

But I can’t imagine that too many folks will come out to vote for Obama and for restricting abortion. I can’t help but think that if abortion pops up on your moral radar you’d consider Obama a morally repugnant figure and vote accordingly. It’ll be interesting to see if these issues outperform Romney or under perform him. If what we’re told is true that there are many many pro-life Democrats, it’ll be interesting to see if they pull the lever for Obama and then vote for abortion restrictions. I’d bet not.