This isn’t a surprise at all but I’ll share it anyway just to get the facts and figures to you. Last year, 2.9 percent of television characters were gay or bisexual. Now, this year, according to CBS, that number has risen to 4.1 percent.

Hmmm. Wonder why.

I know in many quarters, this will be seen as something to celebrate. I’ve got to wonder if in any of these shows there’s a character with problems associated with homosexuality including HIV, STD’s, and suicide. Or is it just that ridiculous view that Joe Biden’s favorite show Will and Grace where the gay person is introduced into the scene to mutter some double entendre that makes the studio audience feel like they’re part of the in and naughty crowd.

This is all obviously part of the major push for gay marriage. I’d suspect that when “Glee” gets cancelled those numbers won’t necessarily dip at all. The left has made it clear that entertainment is secondary to their favorite causes. They’d clearly have the approbation of their peers than an actual hit.

HT Pewsitter