The New Jersey Star Ledger seems to think there’s only two kinds of Catholics: former Catholics and unquestioning and needy Catholics. Seriously. You’ve got to read this. That is, you’ve got to read this if you enjoy being insulted by people who think they’re better and smarter than you.

Last Sunday, Star-Ledger editorial page editor Tom Moran wrote about his struggles with Catholicism, describing himself as a “refugee from the Catholic Church” as he began to disagree with Catholic leadership over issues such as gay marriage, reproductive rights and divorce.

That column prompted a surprisingly introspective outpouring from Star-Ledger readers, a great number of them with stories of similar personal struggles.

Many, including Moran, have broken ties with the church — a difficult decision, particularly for those who spent a lifetime in Catholic schools and the church. Others, despite their conflicts, choose to stay.

For those who remain, they say they pull strength from the fellowship of the church, despite disappointment with church leadership and its political direction. Some say they remain faithful to the infallibility of the church and its hierarchy, and choose not to question it.

So those who remain Catholics are either dumb and unquestioning or just there to make friends with the choir?

To these baboons there’s no lively intellectual pursuit in the Church. There’s no pursuit of faith. It’s just a bunch of unquestioning friendless people looking for unquestioning friends.