In San Francisco, a judge has ruled that crisis pregnancy centers no longer have free speech.

To just put a thumb in your eye over it, the judge is a George HW Bush appointee and attended law school at the supposedly Catholic University of San Francisco. So yeah, educated by “Catholics” and appointed to the bench by Republicans and now she’s ruling against free speech rights of crisis pregnancy centers. Just perfect.

You’ll recall that San Francisco pushed an ordinance to supposedly prevent “false advertising” from CPC’s.

You know, crazy things like CPC’s saying that women can receive counseling, medical care, and emotional support at a crisis pregnancy center.

The local CPC, called First Resort, alleged in a suit that their civil rights were would be violated by such a vague law. They said it could be applied to anything and everything they say. They’re right. It will. Be prepared for undercover operations like Lila Rose in reverse on CPC’s.

But the pro-abortion site Jezebel reports that Judge Saundra Brown Armstrong dismissed the legal challenge to the city’s ordinance:

Armstrong noted that First Resort “ignored” provisions that state the purpose of the ordinance is to prevent false and misleading advertising regarding services and counseling provided or not provided and that any center cited under the ordinance would get a chance to cure the “false, misleading or deceptive advertising.”

The judge ruled that a “person of common intelligence could discern that the conduct proscribed by the ordinance is false and misleading advertising, and not simply any statement made by the limited services pregnancy center.”

Yeah, so the CPC folks don’t have common intelligence, I guess. You’d have to be crazy to think that anytime a CPC counselor opens their mouth or sends out a fundraising email you’ll have city officials parsing the words and seeking to fine the CPC’s into bankruptcy.

Think about it. Aren’t there already laws against false advertising. If the CPC’s were guilty of that, then prosecute them under existing laws. They know they can’t so they’re making new laws to drive the CPC’s out of business. Women must not hear the truth about abortion. Ever. The blob of tissue fanatics will silence all opposition.

Other similar laws around the country attempting to curb free speech have been struck down. But leave it to San Fran to champion the restriction of free speech. Because, you know, killing babies is more important than free speech.

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