Just in time for the election, a new “scientific” study says Obamacare and its showering of free contraception on your dime will reduce the number of abortions.

A new study released Friday shows that provisions in Obamacare will reduce the number of abortions in the United States. This should be good news for Catholic Bishops who are strongly opposed to abortion. However the provision in Obamacare that is responsible for reducing abortions is opposed by the Bishops. In other words, if they get their way and that provision is eliminated, abortions will increase.

So, if a vote is taken in Congress to eliminate the provision in Obamacare that Bishops want removed, pro-life groups would have to score a vote to remove them as a vote against life. Bishops against life? That is ironic.

A new study by Washington University School of Medicine focusing on low-income women in St. Louis, MO concludes that expanding access to free contraception leads to significantly lower rates of unintended teen pregnancy and abortion. Researchers found that when women weren’t prohibited by cost, they chose more effective, long-lasting forms of birth control and experienced many fewer unintended pregnancies as a result

How many years have we heard this from leftist Catholics (heavy on the leftist and light on the Catholic part). They say more social spending will lead to less abortions and they say that more contraceptives will lead to less abortions. But all the time the abortion rate rises
Liberals have long felt that contraceptives solve every problem in the world. Overpopulation? Condoms. Deficits? Condoms. Abortions? Condoms. Climate change? Condoms.

It’s a bunch of hooey. But expect this to get major msm coverage.

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