The New York Times knows what women want.

In a laughably absurd editorial, the New York Times, along with all the government owned media, is desperate to derail the Mitt train and they are willing to throw their credibility on the tracks, again,  if that might help.


This editorial is a desperate attempt to drive a wedge between Mitt Romney and women by manufacturing a gaffe where none exists. They try to paint Mitt Romney as relic of the 50’s and a former cast member of Happy Days (Has anyone ever seen Mitt and Ted McGinley in the same room? Just sayin’.)

They suggest that women should be upset because Romney said “binders of women” instead of “binders of women’s resumes.” But that is not it. Women should be outraged because Mitt suggested that women need flexibility with their schedules at work so the can be home with the kids and make dinner. The horror!! This prompted this amazing section of the editorial.

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