Is President Obama and the Democrat Party’s support for same sex “marriage” going to affect the vote?

As you’ve probably seen in polls, African-Americans by and large don’t really truck with the notion of gay marriage.

The Daily Caller is reporting that Bishop E.W. Jackson, a minister from Virginia is hearing that many African-Americans are now questioning their allegiance to the party:

“I am now sensing, hearing, talking to people — for the first time in 40 years, the black community is having a discussion about whether they ought to be Democrats, whether they ought to vote Democrat,” the Virginia minister said. “That’s never happened.”

In May, Obama announced his support for same-sex marriage after years of straddling the fence politically.

“Ministers are being questioned by their members: How can we vote for President Obama?” Jackson said. “I’ve even had some ministers who are on the left frankly, politically saying, We gotta figure out how we quiet everybody. We gotta figure out how we get everybody back in the camp, because they sense that people are awakening and saying, now wait a minute: If I have to choose between Jesus and the Democrat Party, Jesus and Barack Obama, then Jesus is going to be my choice.”

I’m thinking that we’re not going to see much party switching in this election. But what I do wonder is if this gay “marriage” issue might have some African-Americans stay home this time and reconsider their support for the Democrat Party in the future.

It’ll be interesting to see if the same sex “marriage” issue has a similar effect that Roe had on bringing evangelicals and Catholics together.