So you see on lib sites like the HuffPo that there’s a “new national survey” that shows Obama is once again spanking Romney like a naughty child among Catholics.

And you say “Oy” because that’s what Catholics say when they hear troubling news. “Oy.”

The HuffPo screams there’s “A new national survey” of Catholics that shows that Catholics are split in this election with 49 percent behind Obama and 47 percent favoring Romney.

They break it down a bit. Of Catholics who go to Church on at least a weekly basis, Romney has 60% of their vote. But 70% of Hispanic Catholic are going for Obama. Actually, I’m not sure that’s a really good Hispanic number for Obama. I would think it would be higher.

But our CMR Analytics Squad has cleverly read the story all the way to the last word if you round up and after breaking for a snack somewhere in the middle paragraphs. And our team can finally report that there’s a number of things going on here that don’t exactly make it good news for Obama.

Obama won 54 percent of Catholic votes in 2008 but, according to this survey, Obama’s only at 49 percent. Usually, undecideds break for the challenger. So that would be actually not good news for Obama.

And even though this survey is being breathlessly reported by the HuffPo today, the poll’s pretty outdated. And by pretty outdated I mean outdated like Bea Arthur jokes are outdated. (You see what I did there. I, at one time, said Bea Arthur jokes were outdated but I cleverly made a Bea Arthur joke at the same time. Thats skillz, yo.) This survey results were based on 3,003 bilingual telephone interviews of adults in the U.S. conducted between Sept. 13 and Sept. 30.

Yeah, that’s last month. As in during the Obama bounce right after the Democrat National Convention. As in BEFORE THE DEBATES!!!! As in LAST MONTH before all the polls shifted radically for Romney with some polls showing swings in the double digits toward Romney.

So here’s the thing I’m taking away from this. Obama, at the height of his polling, could only get about 49 percent of the Catholic vote. And it’s likely gone down from there. So even though it’s being reported as good news for Obama, it’s actually pretty terrible. Obama supporters might want to look at this news and say “oy.”

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