It always weirds me out that people who do yoga, eat plants and seaweed, and drink blended apricots feel perfectly “ohm” about ingesting a carcinogen on a daily basis in their birth control.

Check out the story from this woman who says the pill came darn near close to killing her. And now she’s done with it.

And just so you know, this isn’t from some religious wackjob like me. This was written by a woman named Colleen Wachob who writes her story at and writes sentences like, “It began as a typical Saturday morning: I went to Tara Stiles’ STRONG class at Strala Yoga, then met a friend for veggie dosas at Hampton Chutney, and we went window shopping around SoHo.”

I don’t even know what half those things even are.

She writes:

I’d been on the Pill for a decade and never had any problems. I actually liked being on birth control and figured it was good for me. I never had to worry about acne. I liked being able to time the start of my period so that I was never bothered with it over a weekend. Supposedly I was even decreasing my chances of getting ovarian cancer.

I knew that there were some risks associated with birth control pills. But I was healthy and active and have never smoked, so I didn’t think I was in danger. Plus, I’d been on the pill for years, so I assumed any problems would have likely surfaced by then.

My perspective radically changed this May when I ended up in the emergency room with blood clots in both of my lungs. Doctors believe that the birth control pill provoked these clots, which can be fatal.

So why was she on it in the first place? That’s the thing. Birth control is so ever-present and common that people don’t even think about it. It’s like having a microwave. You kinda’ suspect it’s probably bad for you but everyone’s got one so you might as well too.’

She concludes:

I know now that birth control pills with estrogen are toxic for my body as they can cause clots. Over the years, doctors have told me many wonderful things they can do for one’s health, but we hardly talked about the side effects.

Looking back, I wonder if there were signs that birth control pills might have been toxic for me? In retrospect, I think so. My circulatory system has always been a little off: My legs swell often, especially in heat and after flying in airplanes. I’m always cold and my fingers turn a somewhat scary purple when it’s chilly, which is likely Raynoid’s syndrome.

In the future, I’m going to ask a lot of questions about any type of pill that I put in my body. I’m going to listen even more to my body. I know my body did everything it could tell me something was wrong.

She should’ve read Catholic blogs because they’d have told her long ago that The Pill was killing her. It’s bad folks. It’s a carcinogen. To non-scientists like me and you – just file that under bad.

You check out Google News on any given day and you’ll find women filing lawsuits against birth control makers. Here’s one just filed a few days ago where a woman says a pulmonary embolism nearly killed her.

The Catholic Church has kinda’ been saying “Don’t do it” for a while now. But people don’t pay attention because the Church is a bunch of misogynistic old men who want to neanderthal women back to the stone age, right? The Church has long pointed out that it’s unnatural and damaging to one’s spiritual life.

And it kills you. Sheesh. It’s almost like there’s a mind-body connection, huh?

So chalk up one that the Church got right. But people don’t want to admit this because if they admit that, then the thought might just flash across their mind –if the Church is right about that, what else is it right about?

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