They Cancelled Halloween!!!

They cancelled Halloween. I’m still not sure who “they”are and I’m not sure how “they” had the authority to shut down Halloween but “they” did.

My kids came out of school with their costumes on Halloween. Many of the children ambled out of the school like concussion victims, dazed and vaguely sad. Well, my five year old didn’t look sad. She looked outraged coming out the door next to her seven year old brother.

When they saw me in the parking lot, they started running towards me. My boy, dressed fittingly as Flash from the Justice League, is faster than the five year old and got to me first in the parking lot. Everything to him is a track meet. If he’s not running, he’s sleeping. Or eating.

That’s why it’s kind of funny that when he talks he’s so slow and careful about his words. He began to tell me the news by telling me the way he tells me things — with a lot of uhms and scene setting and searching for the right word, “Uhm, we were sitting in class ready to pack up…uhm… and then I heard the loudspeaker in the class crackle a little the way it does right before there’s an announcement so…”

My five year old daughter, dressed as Superboy, obviously felt this scene setting was a personal affront so she interrupted, arms open wide, face contorted in agony, “THEY CANCELLED HALLOWEEEEEEEEEN.”

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