A divided and increasingly volatile Europe in crisis is headed back into recession.

The Middle East is already on fire and poised to get worse, a lot worse if/when Israel makes its move on Iran. Israel is already at war with Hamas in Gaza and the possibility of re-occupation looms. Syria is already burning with fighting spilling into Turkey and Israel. Meanwhile, an increasingly cash strapped but aggressive Egypt is looking to make its mark.

Meanwhile, America has chosen to abdicate its role in the world while it gleefully re-elects the man driving it over the fiscal cliff. A few more months or years and America will be unable, even if it were willing, to stop the carnage that is almost certainly coming.

All this while even the likes of Angela Merkel acknowledge that Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world and for stating the obvious she has been criticized.

It’s coming folks, it is coming. All it will take is one Archduke Ferdinand moment and the whole pile of kindle will roar. I don’t know what or when it will be. But it is coming.

Have a nice weekend.

*subhead*It’s coming folk.*subhead*