Dude. This is why mom’s shouldn’t have belly rings.

Here’s what happened — Cool mom is chillaxing in the splash pool with the wee one. She’s caught her cool bona fides on the drain of the pool. That’s right. Her belly rings gets caught on the pool drain.


AJC reports:

Firefighters in Colorado say a woman’s belly button ring became entangled with a drain cover in a shallow splash pool but that she was freed without injury.

Authorities say the woman became stuck Wednesday as she floated on her stomach with her child in a shallow pool at the Greeley Family Funplex.

Firefighters tried to turn the ring to free her but then started to drain the pool while working to manipulate the ring.

They said Thursday that she eventually was freed and she wasn’t hurt in the process.

OK. If this pool were a little deeper this story could’ve gotten very messy so thank goodness for that.

Here’s the thing. With kids I couldn’t even wear my sunglasses for fear that they’d wrap their cute little mitts around them, pop them in their mouth, and then drop them or break them. Why on earth would you wear a belly ring around a baby. Even if that child is too little now, in about one year that toddler’s going to be looking to do chin ups on your belly ring. And here’s the thing, when a kid grabs hold of something it’s very hard to get it out. It’s like meat in a Rottweiler’s jaw.

I hope this woman figures that this was God’s way of telling her to lose the belly ring. You’re not cool anymore. Maybe you once were. It’s over. It was over the moment the fire department showed up to save your belly from the pool drain.

HT Dave Barry

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