I was disappointed that pastor Rick Warren didn’t hold his political forum this year. In 2008, I believe his was the most informative forum in the entire campaign. You might remember it was in response to a Warren question that Barack Obama said deciding when life begins was above his pay grade.

Without that little theology lesson, the Nuns on the Bus would have no theology on abortion whatsoever.

But in an interview that I think was last night on Sean Hannity’s show, Warren said he’s planning a national congress on religious liberty which will combine politicians and leaders of all faiths to talk about religious freedom.

I believe this will help. Warren’s got a lot of followers. For too long the meme has been that only Catholics care about the HHS mandate. We should all be concerned about religious liberty.

Warren said, according to Fox News, “America was founded on the religious liberty, freedom of conscience. And we’re seeing this be caved in in government, in academics, in a lot of different areas. […] I think religious liberty is going to be the civil rights issue of the next decade.”

Let’s hope this turns out well. We certainly need something to break our way at some point.