This is the new anti-gun mantra.

“Sure, we know that our past gun bans have been shown to be completely ineffective, but if our new ridiculous, onerous, and unconstitutional plans save one life, it will be worth it.”

What will of course never get recorded or reported are all the lives lost because a person was unable to own a firearm or because the process was so onerous that they disincentivized many potential owners. How many of those people will die because they could not defend themselves, because they could not freely exercise a right which is supposed to be guaranteed?

Why just this past week we had multiple stories of good law abiding people using firearms to protect themselves and their families. IF they were unable to do so, they would just be unreported and unheralded crime statistics.

“If it saves just one life” is the weakest of arguments.

If they were truly interested in saving lives, they would undo the cafe mpg standards which have been statistically proven to cost thousands of lives each year due to the lightness of vehicles.

They are willing to fictionally save lives by giving up your rights but not to actually save lives by giving up a few mpg. That tells you all you need to know.