I don’t know if you watch the television show “Castle” at all but I find it charming (not suitable for kids though) but last night’s episode which I watched OnDemand had some pretty good messages in it.

A man was murdered. The man was a sleaze who ran a “Girls gone Wild” type of production. Initially we start looking at the conservative types who didn’t like the “Girls Gone Wild” stuff. Of course, right?

Well, it turns out that the sleaze had a one-night stand with the daughter of a moral crusader who seemed to me to be based on The Catholic League’s Bill Donahue but I could be wrong. But you get the idea of the type, right? It seems the sleaze taped his encounter to blackmail the daughter to get her father to stop the crusade against his sleazy production company. But, unfortunately for him, the girl got pregnant.

Interestingly, it turned out that once the sleazy guy saw the ultrasound he was moved and promised to do right by the child. To prove it he even was going to close down the production company and turn his life around. It turns out that his murder was by a greedy porn guy and not a wacko Christian.

At the end, the female lead wonders if the Dad, the moral crusader, will forgive his daughter for getting pregnant with his nemesis’ child. Castle says he will because the love a father has for his daughter knows no bounds and it shows the Dad with his arm around the daughter.

Pretty good message and pretty decent depiction of a Christian/conservative for the most part (even if he came off as a tad looney in the beginning.)

Thanks to “Castle” for running it.