You know how when the criminal runs out of bullets they throw the gun. Well, one Dad/criminal in Sweden had nothing to fight off the cops with so he threw his baby at the cops.

The officer told news that “The child went in a loop in the air” but he managed to grab hold of the child’s leg mid-air, preventing the infant from hitting the pavement just in time.

Guess what the guy was being arrested for in the first place? Yup. He was being arrested for abusing his children and girlfriend.

There are some types of crimes I understand. Like bank robber. I don’t approve but I understand that banks are where the money’s at. But throwing your baby at police? That, I just don’t get.

This guy gets my nomination for worst father in the world. He might even be worse than this Dad who dropped his daughter for a foul ball at a Dodgers game.

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