Hey remember when Joe Camel was declared evil because he appealed to children to try something that was dangerous for them. But it’s perfectly awesome for Planned Parenthood to entice young people to have sex with lollipops.

Hey, before this the only people to correlate candy with child sex were driving around schoolyards in unmarked vans. But now we have a federally funded private organization doing it. Ah, progress.

In recognition of National Condom Week and National Condom Month, Planned Parenthood of West and Northern Michigan this month began distributing more than 6,000 free Valentine’s Day-themed “condom pops” in the community.
“It’s a fun way to remind people to be safe,” said Julie McKeiver, director of communications for Planned Parenthood of West and Northern Michigan.

McKeiver said the campaign encourages sexually active individuals to talk to their partners about using condoms to protect against unintended pregnancies, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted illnesses.

Each condom pop consists of two condoms, a lollipop and information about safe sex adorned with the slogan, “Wear. No matter what.” This does nothing less than encourage children to have sex. And we’re paying for it.

HT Pewsitter