You know, it still hits me at different moments that the Catholic Church will have a new Pope very soon. I’m still kind of stunned over it to be honest.

I have many mixed feelings about the whole resignation but on the other hand I know that Pope Benedict XVI is doing what he thinks God wants of him. I’ll admit much of my thinking has been about my thoughts on Pope Benedict’s decision and not about the new Pope.

CNA is reporting:

The conclave to elect the next Bishop of Rome could start between March 15 and 19, according to the director of the Holy See’s Press Office.

“If everything goes normally, it could be envisioned that the conclave begins between 15 and 19 March,” Father Federico Lombardi said Feb. 13.

“At the moment, we cannot give an exact date because it falls to the cardinals to determine it.”

The Diocese of Rome will be “sede vacante” or vacant at 8 p.m. on Feb. 28, when Pope Benedict’s resignation goes into effect.

Here’s the truth. I’m not ready for a new Pope. I’m not even ready for the selection process. I like Pope Benedict XVI. But nobody’s asking me. I’ve come to realize that my hopes and wishes are just that…hopes and wishes.

When Pope John Paul II passed away, I was praying that Cardinal Ratzinger would become the next Pope. Now, I don’t even know the possible successors all that well. I mean, hey, you want to give me Cardinal Raymond Burke I’d be quite pleased but everyone tells me there’s no chance of that happening.

I worry about who the next Pope might be. I worry that the social justice crowd likely sees this as their greatest opportunity. I know I must have faith. I’m still stuck with my hopes and wishes.

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