Of all the possible advice I could give to a new Pontiff, perhaps the most important would be on the subject of name selection.

I wouldn’t presume to tell the new Pope what name to pick, but I feel very qualified to tell him which names not to pick. All of the names below are previous names of Popes that should not be repeated. Let’s just say they would send the wrong message or offer too many opportunities to detractors.

Picking this name is just asking for trouble. Trust me, Holy Father, it will be very difficult for you to be taken seriously. Why give them such easy ammunition? You might as well call yourself Pope Chuckles I. Not a good idea.

While simplicity can be a virtue, I just don’t think I could bear years of Bill Maher simpleton jokes. It is just too easy, why give it to them?

Again, just too easy. Popes are already routinely mocked for being ‘severe.’ Why give them this. Besides, there is a whole segment of the population that will think the Pope is a character in a J.K. Rowling novel. The geeks and cranks will routinely photoshop the pope into black robes and long greasy hair. If we wanted that, we would just elect Ozzy Pope. So no.

Again, no geeks references. No Star Wars names, period. Sorry, Pope Luke is out too. No Pope should have to endure comparisons to Billy Dee Williams or even Darth Vader. Frankly, I am not sure which is worse.

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