A bill that would limit abortions lands on the desk of the Democrat Governor of Arkansas who has previously declared Roe v. Wade “unconstitutional” and has favored some abortion restrictions in the past.

Now, you must understand that the powers leaning on this man right now are extraordinary from the pro-abortion side. Think of all the pressure from the Obama administration against states that were threatening to cut off Planned Parenthood. Recall that President Obama threatened to cut off Medicaid funding for the poor in the states unless they funded the abortion giant. So you’d have to imagine that the White House is bringing significant pressure to bear on the Governor right now.

In crass political terms, if Governor Mike Beebe wants a political future in the Democrat Party he must veto this bill. But if he wants a political future in Arkansas which leans heavily pro-life he must sign it. So he has to consider which one will forget. Will the people forget by the next time he runs for re-election or will the party of death forget that he stood for life. It seems to me that the party of death doesn’t forget much. It also seems to me that people who say they’re pro-life seem to forget that on voting day.

So if you’re for crass political calculations, it seems that Beebe’s smarter move might just be to veto.

But let’s hope that Beebe’s thinking rises above mere political calculations and focuses on the sacred life of each individual life. Let’s hope Governor Beebe is focused on the state of his soul than his political future.

Prayers would help.

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