This is great.

Zenit reports that Pope Francis’ first non-official act was to lay flowers at the feet of the image of the Virgin Mary. That would seem to me to be a pretty darn fine choice for a first non-official act.

He placed it at the feet of the image of Santa Maria Salus Populi Romani (Protectress of the Roman People), also known as the Virgin of Snows. Pope Francis knelt for ten minutes and concluded with the singing of the Salve Regina together with those who accompanied him.

The visit took place in Saint Mary Major, one of the four papal basilicas located in Rome. It was a simple bouquet, with a blue orchid in the middle and several flowers of various.

In a time when many Catholics are anxious and nervous about this man they know so little about becoming their spiritual father, I believe his making laying flowers in front of the Virgin Mary should calm at least some worried minds.

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