I guess the first thing to say is my kid would be in huuuuuuuuge trouble for doing this. But it’s still kinda’ awesome.

Right after the election of the pope, NBC 10 in Philly wanted to interview a Jesuit so they set up an interview with the Jesuit president of St. Joseph’s Prep in Philadelphia. The president of the school lined up a bunch of students around him for the interview. Big mistake.

One of the kids gives possibly one of the greatest wet willies to another kid RIGHT ON CAMERA. It’s completely inappropriate and kinda’ awesome. I know it’s the eight year old in me but it’s pretty funny. There’s talk that the kid might get suspended. Here’s the thing – I don’t see these two things as mutually exclusive. Yes it’s awesome but that doesn’t mean the kid shouldn’t be punished. In life you make tradeoffs. It’s for the kid to decide whether it was worth it.

This is one of those things that you punish them for and then when nobody can see you, you just laugh. Just a little.

**Note–the original video was pulled down, but I found this version.

HT The Daily Caller