It has been a wild ride since the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and the election of Pope Francis.

Several times already, after making some commentary, I have been accused of ‘attacking’ the Pope. This has risen to a new level with my post on liturgy and humility in response to the asinine and divisive comments of Cardinal Mahony.

But here is the interesting thing. Many of the lines that I tweeted were things I wrote months ago for a possible post on liturgy but never published. When I wrote them, they would have seemed obvious and boring and 100% in line with Catholic thinking and the Pope.

But since I published them them this week, the are perceived by some as beyond the pale and an outlandish attack on the Pope. Same lines. Different month.

There is something very un-Catholic about that, Catholic in the universal and timeless sense. How can my comments seems like boring and obvious orthodoxy one month and an attack the next.

Something is profoundly wrong when the winds of change can blow so swiftly through an immutable institution of God’s own making.

Suffice it to say, if my comments seem like orthodoxy one month and an attack on the Pope the next, what is clear is I am not the problem.

*subhead*I am not the problem.*subhead*