Seriously. Something stinks about this story. Get it?

A number of Orthodox bishops are being sued for what’s being called “religious malpractice” after some smelly demons just kept coming back, even after repeated exorcisms.

The Daily Mail reports:

A Romanian lawyer is suing his local Orthodox bishop and four priests claiming they failed to properly exorcise flatulent demons that were forcing him out of his home.

Madalin Ciculescu, 34, accused the five of fraud after they turned up several times to exercise the demons which were responsible for the bad smells that were ruining his business.

He claimed that after the failed exorcism the demons even started haunting him at his home at Pitesti in Arges County in central Romania.

The case has been rejected by lower courts but now he plans to go to the European Court of Human Rights. And let’s face it, who knows what’ll happen there.