I’m heading to a funeral this morning. My aunt passed away. So posting will be light today.

But I just wanted to ask this one question that has nothing to do with the fact that I’m heading to a funeral. I’m heading to softball games a few times a week for the girls and tee ball for the wee one.

These games are different than basketball and volleyball because very very little actually happens on the field. Lots of walks. So softball becomes social season for parents. And oh, how we all chit and chat. We separate into groups even. The sideline starts looking like a junior high school dance with all the boys over here and all those stinky girls over there.

But here’s a funny thing. I don’t drink anymore simply because I find abstaining easier than moderation. But inevitably the men on the sideline will start enjoying talking and start wondering if we could all continue this grand ol’ time at the local pub. Everytime I tell one of the men I don’t drink alcohol anymore they feel the need to tell me exactly how much and how often they drink and explain to me why they don’t believe that’s a problem. And why their wife does.

What the heck is that about?

*subhead*Abstinence and moderation.*subhead*