My kids all go to Catholic school. This is a new school and I haven’t completely made up my mind about it. I loved our parish school which was closed down last year due to lack of children. I see many good things about the new school. But this perturbed me a bit.

My seventh grade daughter has been assigned to read a book called “Jefferson’s Sons” which is all about Thomas Jefferson’s alleged affair with a slave girl which produced children. I asked her why this was an important book to read and she said her teacher didn’t explain why. I asked her if she’d ever been assigned to read The Declaration of Independence by this teacher or any other. She said she had not. Now, I’ve gone over the Declaration with my kids but the school hadn’t.

Isn’t it more than a little bizarre that these kids haven’t even been assigned to read the Declaration of Independence but they’re assigned to read about the alleged moral failings of one of our country’s founding fathers.

Maybe I’m overreacting. What do you guys think?