A feminist group has attacked the head of the Catholic Church is Belgium, spraying him with water guns while accusing him of being a hateful fanatic.

Presumably, this had to do with the Church’s stance on marriage.

Free Republic has some details:

Several activists of the women’s movement FEMEN have carried out a “water attack” on Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard, the head of the Belgian Catholic Church.

Activists from the Brussels division of FEMEN attacked the archbishop during “a session of public propaganda of hatred and religious fanaticism” at ULB, one of the main educational establishments in Belgium, on April 23, the day of legalization of same-sex “marriages” in France, FEMEN said in a report.

The FEMEN activists sprayed the archbishop with water.

“FEMEN consistently opposes religious propaganda of violence, homophobia, and attempts made by the church to resume its destructive […] influence on women and society in general,” FEMEN said in its press release.

You’ve got to love how irony is completely lost on these people. They attack someone and accuse them of being hateful.