The same feminist group that recently assaulted an archbishop is now crucifying a Barbie doll. The group, Femen, which doesn’t appear to own any shirts, held a “Barbie-cue” (get it?) and they put Barbie on a cross and burned the doll because the image of the doll has harmed young girls.

CNS News reports:

“Ritual Barbie’cue with fried meat of the plastic idol was made to demonstrate the true meaning of the history of commercial monster Mattel,” the website post states. “They have turned a piece of plastic into a god for millions of girls from all over the world who now seek only to imitate plastic shapes and stupidity and absurdity of conduct.”

Ironically, these women seem to be against objectifying women but they never wear any shirts during their protests because they know that baring their breasts means extra publicity. Hmmm. Contradictory?