These are but the beginning of the first twinges of birth pangs that will eventually convulse Europe and the world.

A soldier brutally hacked to death on the streets of Britain in full view of an infirm citizenry. But no worries, the nation that used to be Britain will bring to justice any and all tweeters that are not sufficiently sensitive while discussing their attackers.

Across the channel in socialist France, another soldier was attacked on the street by a man of unknown origins and motivations dressed possibly in North African garb. This soldier was actually on duty patrolling a neighborhood of people of unknown origins and motivations upset after France’s intervention in Mali. Who could of thought in advance that allowing a whole subset of people who refuse to integrate to take over entire parts of your city to the point where police refuse to enter there could eventually be a problem?

Talking a left and heading a little north, we get to Sweden. In Stockholm, thousands of people are rioting over the fact that police had the good sense to shoot a machete wielding man of unknown origins and motivations. Rioters of unknown origins and motivations have been torching cars in protest. The police, apparently all full up on their quota for actual police work, are committed to containing the violence by doing nothing.

However, it would be beyond foolish to find any thread connecting these stories or to suggest that this is a exemplary of a pattern of cultural demise.

I don’t wish to exaggerate the pathetic situation in Europe, they are tackling the big issues there. Recently the European parliament, displaying the kind of leadership deserving of so many Europeans, banned restaurants across the continent from serving olive oil in dishes.

Don’t we all feel just a bit safer now?