How bad do you have to be to get blackballed by Planned Parenthood? I mean, their job is killing babies. How wacko do you have to be to get baby killers to look down on you and want to distance themselves from you?

Well, it helps when the state begins looking into your slipshod history.

Abortionist Timothy Liveright considers himself a “contract physician” which is like being a hitman of babies. According to USA Today, about once a week he’d fly his plane from his farm in Pennsylvania to clinics in Wilmington and Dover where he’d perform up to 30 abortions a day, making about $60 per body and up to $10,000 a month.

But now, the hitman ain’t getting the contracts since the state began a second round of investigations in less than a year into complaints that his practices were sloppy and his behavior strange. Strange enough that baby killers are distancing themselves from him.

Check this out for weirdness and lunacy:

Mitchell-Werbrich also said that while operating, Liveright would chant hymns, including one with the lyrics: “Jesus, oh Jesus, take the sinners down by the river, oh Jesus.” She said one patient had tears streaming from her eyes as Liveright sang.

Liveright said he tries to put patients at ease.

“My job as a physician, where people are under stress, you do your blessed best to read the situation and try to put people at ease, whether you’re humming a song, telling a joke, talking about their country of origin,” he said. “I think I’m pretty good at that. Occasionally somebody might find that offensive.”

Liveright said the two nurses had legitimate concerns — not about him, but about Planned Parenthood.

“Planned Parenthood is partly to blame for all of this,” he said. “They’ve allowed this circus to continue. It’s partly because they never listened to these women to begin with.”

Liveright promised to clear his name but said he bears no ill will toward the agency.

“Women are taken care of. Abortions are done,” he said. “A couple of complications, but by and large no problem. People can complain about nit-picky stuff and the nurses were on a rampage because no one would listen within the organization.”

Despite the unwelcome allegations and the fact that he thinks Planned Parenthood has “blackballed me,” Liveright said he would consider working for them again.

Come on, Planned Parenthood. His plane doesn’t run for free. It takes baby killing to make the engine go vroom vroom.

It’s disgusting. The guy is a baby killing wackjob which Planned Parenthood was all fine with until the state started sniffing around. They threw him overboard and blame him for everything and what does he say? Yeah, he’d work with them again. He knows Planned Parenthood is the biggest game in town and if homeboy wants to keep killing babies for a fee then homeboy better play nice with Planned Parenthood.