The famously popular Catholic website “Pewsitter” labeled blogger Matt Archbold “Super-Dad” while linking to a story he’d written.

Here’s the link with the headline “Super-Dad Matt Archbold Never Had a Mint-Julep.”

When the Archbold kids were awoken by said so-called “Super-Dad,” and shown the headline, they responded with confusion and anger.

Archbold’s 13 year old daughter’s reaction was understated but forceful. She asked if she could borrow her father’s phone so she could a lawyer and sue “Pewsitter.”

The ten year old outlandishly accused the entire staff of the popular Catholic news site of having a drinking problem while the nine year old reminded her father of the time he’d sent his children to field day to play outside all day without sunscreen.

Archbold’s 7 year old son simply high fived his father and asked if being a “Super-Dad” came with superpowers or a cape. Admittedly disappointed that it didn’t he said, “it’s cool anyway Dad.”

The five year old Archbold’s reaction was the least understated as she mimicked retching noises and collapsed on the floor.

Sadly, Archbold’s own wife this very morning saw the headline and responded with a hurtful comment. “Aren’t you the one who always says we shouldn’t trust the media?” she hurtfully said.

Matt Archbold himself was undeterred by his family’s negative reaction to the accurate headline. He reportedly said, “My family isn’t at their best in the morning. Maybe this afternoon when I show it to them again they’ll have a better reaction.” He said giving them a second chance was very much expressive of exactly why he agreed with his “Super-Dad” status.