It looks like the rematch between Governor Andrew Cuomo and Cardinal Timothy Dolan is happening. Now.

You might recall the first time the two squared off. Cuomo won. KO. Cuomo rammed the legalization of gay marriage through the state legislature while Cardinal Dolan was still looking for his mouthpiece and lacing up his gloves.

And now the two appear to be headed back to battle, this time over the issue of abortion.

Since their last battle, the two have attempted to make nice publicly with Dolan even denying that Cuomo wasn’t a Catholic in good standing. But that doesn’t seem to stop Cuomo from talking trash again.

“We passed marriage equality,” Cuomo was quoted as saying in America Magazine. “Let’s make history again and let’s pass a women’s equality act in the state of New York.”

Cuomo’s bill would essentially legalize abortion through all nine months of pregnancy by adding a provision that a woman can abort anytime for her own mental health. New York is already the abortion capitol of the U.S. and this law promises to only make things worse.

It’s being billed in the media as an epic showdown. The first one was a brutal loss for Cdl. Dolan and families all over New York. Let’s hope the rematch goes better for Cdl. Dolan. And the unborn.

*subhead*The unborn.*subhead*