You know you’ve always wanted to rap the Bible, right? Come on. Somewhere deep down you wanted to break down the saga of Abram and Sarai in rhyme.

The Gadsden Times reports that a retired teacher is publishing more than 1,000 Bible stories in rhyme.

You talk about connecting with the kids. Well this is it. I’m thinking this is exactly what the New Evangelization needs. This is exactly what the Catholic Church needs to do to connect with the kids who are down with the hip and the hop and the whole thing. Let’s have 60 something year old priests breaking down The Word in rhyme. Now, that would be bossome.

Here’s a little sample from the book:

“Sarai, Abram’s wife

Could not bear children in her life

And it seemed by far

She had an Egyptian handmaid whose name was Hagar

Sarai wanted children, either a daughter or son

But knew she could not produce either one

Since she could not bear children herself

She wanted to have them by someone else

Sarai came up with a plan

She spoke to her husband, Abram, with a request or demand

The Lord hath restrained me from bearing, she said

Then she began to speak to Abram about taking Hagar to bed

Just imagine what Fr. Pfleger could do with that at Mass. He’d probably press some cd’s and win a Grammy too.