This is it. This is the Republican’s last chance to show that they are worthy of support.

The Republican’s have it completely within their power to defund Obamacare, but will they?

As I have said before, Obamacare breaks the bond between citizen and government and fundamentally changes the relationship. This spells doom for the country in myriad ways including religious liberty. If the Republicans fail this time, with Obamacare implementation just months away, it will be too late. Obamacare must be stopped.

The Republicans have failed in every battle to date, mostly because they were afraid. Always afraid. Well, this time they should be.

Fact: The Republicans have it completely within their power to defund Obamacare by simply refusing under any circumstances to vote for a continuing resolution that funds it. It is that simple. Vote to fund all the rest of the behemoth, but exclude Obamacare.

Fact: Republicans have the numbers to accomplish this in both chambers. They have a majority in the House and a filibuster proof minority in the Senate if they would just stick together. So if they fail, it is entirely 100% their fault.

There is no more important issue right now. If the Republicans cannot stick together to secure this liberty and advance this one paramount idea, then there ceases to be a rational for the Republican party’s existence.

Now, I completely expect the Republicans to fail because already many of the membership and leadership are criticizing the idea. So I fully expect them to fail.

But, let’s be clear. If they fail, which I expect them to do, I will renounce my lifelong membership in the party and actively promote and seek a 3rd party’s formation. I would rather be in a minority party with principle than be a part of such cowardice and ineffectiveness. I suspect I won’t be alone.

Republicans, if you cannot hold together to do this one thing, then I am done with you.

I know I am just one guy with a blog, who cares? Well, I do. I cannot be a part of this system anymore and I suspect that I am not alone.

Republicans, do this. Do this one thing or die.

*subhead*Do it or die*subhead*