The North Carolina legislature just passed bills last night which require abortion facilities to meet increased health and safety standards.

Now pro-abortion rights supporters are crying foul because the governor of North Carolina, Pat McRory, seems intent on signing the bill, despite an alleged promise not to limit access to abortion. But pro-lifers are saying that the bill is not meant to restrict access, just to make abortion clinics safer for women.

But pro-abortion rights supporters are screaming that pro-lifers want to end abortion in the country so clearly they’re just trying to eradicate abortion. Well, isn’t it possible that you want abortion to end AND you don’t want to see women hurt by an unregulated abortion industry? Pro-abortion right supporters are also saying that regulating abortion clinics like any other clinic will make them go out of business. But isn’t that evidence that regulation is so desperately needed? Isn’t that proof that the problem is so systemic that it presents a danger which requires immediate oversight?

It’s so funny, that in every case, liberals yell for more government regulation in order to protect people from the greedy interests of multi-million dollar industries. But now that some state governments are writing legislation to regulate the multi-millions dollar abortion industry, these same folks cry foul. They want to keep the abortion industry unregulated. In short, they don’t mind having more Gosnells if it means government oversight of the abortion industry.

As SBA-List President Marjorie Dannenfelser pointed out, “In the last year, an abortion clinic in Charlotte was labeled ‘an imminent threat to the health and safety of patients’ after the health department found dead insects, blood splatters and dirty surgical instruments inside.”

She added, “North Carolina women deserve better.”

It’s ironic, isn’t it, that it’s pro-lifers who are attempting to bring abortion out of the back alley and abortion rights supporters who want to drag it back into the shadows of the unregulated back alley.