I just finished The Book of Helen by Sherry Antonetti. It’s wonderful.

Yup. CMR buddy Sherry Antonetti just published a book and I just read it. I know. You don’t know which is more amazing. Sherry, a mother of ten and prolific blogger, wrote a book or that I’m able to read one, right?

The Book of Helen is sort of historical fiction but not about anyone who ever existed.

The book follows Helen of Troy as she ages. It’s like chick-lit meets Game of Thrones. Her husband Menelaus is dead and the knives are coming out for Helen. As you might imagine, being the face that launched all those ships and started a war caused a little resentment.

I’m a reader of fiction. It’s the genre I enjoy most. One thing Sherry does remarkably well is she puts you in the moment. Big things are happenings. There’s plot upon plot and sides being taken and switched but none of it seems unwieldy because Sherry Antonetti keeps you so solidly in the moment.

The book really focuses on Helen’s strength as well as her vulnerability. In The Illiad we mostly know what effect she had on men but Sherry also focuses on how that effect affects Helen. To be certain she uses her charms but will it be enough to save her from revenge?

I’ve always known she was a great blogger but it turns out that Sherry Antonetti is a fantastic writer.

You can buy Sherry’s book by clicking here. It’s absolutely worth a read.

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