The California legislature is considering punishing youth groups who don’t embrace the gay agenda. Earlier this week, the Committee on Revenue and Taxation voted 6 to 3 to move the bill to the full judiciary committee.

The openly gay State Sen. Ricardo Larahas proposed the bill that would strip non-profit youth organizations of their sales tax exemption for food and other items if they discriminate “on the basis of gender identity, race, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, or religious affiliation.”

The bill literally names 25 organizations that must embrace the gay agenda or suffer the consequences including the Boy Scouts, Young Men’s Christian Association and Little League. It is unclear what “discriminate” means, however. And I wonder if Catholic schools would eventually be included as a non-profit youth organization as well. In fact, I don’t wonder at all. I’m positive they would be eventually…as soon as the legislature thought they could get away with it.

Keep a close eye on this legislation.